Bespoke Shaped shutters

Rooms with Shaped Windows

If there are any rooms in your home which feature windows of somewhat irregular shapes and styles then you will obviously be looking to invest in a bespoke plantation shutter that is fit for purpose and covers the window perfectly and preferably without a single hint of unsightliness. At Riverside Shutters, we always ensure that each shutter or wooden blind system we manufacture is made to the exact measurements provided by our customers.

Bespoke Shaped Shutters Gallery

As each shutter is expertly made to measure in our own warehouse facility, we are more than capable of producing bespoke window shutters of any shape or dimension.

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use plantation shutter that will fit any regular sized window of practically any shape or style then we currently recommend our Memphis range.  These are constructed from a light wood material yet they are surprisingly strong and flexible.

Our ultra strength MDF Lancaster shutters and our exceptionally robust Halifax window blinds can also be cut to any ‘straight’ size, scale or shape and these are offered with our five year guarantee for your added convenience and peace of mind.

Tier on Tier, Cafe Style and Full Height Options

When choosing the most appropriate shutter system for a room with a shaped window, you can decide on a number of options which all offer differing levels of functionality.  Our tier on tier plantation shutters is supplied with frames that are designed to be stacked.  This allows you to choose a different shape or style for the bottom part of the window or door, and another for the upper section.

Our Cafe Style is similar to the Tier on Tier shutter system, only the top part is missing.  This has become an ever increasingly popular option for interior designers across the UK, with many of their clients being overjoyed with the aesthetics and functionality provided.

Full height plantation shutters are ideal for narrow windows.  Again, these can be made from a wide range of materials with a superb choice of colours, styles and finishes that will help to enhance the overall level of attractiveness of any room in your home.

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