Integrated Blackout Blinds

Comfort, privacy and a good night’s sleep – three everyday essentials you cannot put a price on. Unfortunately, most conventional window coverings offer limited protection from exterior light, which can sometimes make it difficult to relax and unwind indoors.

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Where exterior light penetrating into your home becomes problematic, our integrated blackout blinds offer the perfect solution. Precision-manufactured to block out virtually all external light, our exclusive Shutter & Shade range enables you to take total control over interior illumination.

Watching movies, setting the mood for a romantic dinner, catching up on sleep before sunset – our versatile Shutter & Shade blackout blinds let you choose your own light and dark hours, 24/7.

A cut above traditional blackout blinds, our Shutter & Shade blinds are designed to fit as snugly as possible behind our shutters to eliminate light ‘leakage’ around the edges. The result – instant darkness at any time of day or night, helping you take control of interior lighting and keeping things cool during the warmer months of the year.

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Sleep better with our integrated blackout blinds


  • Fully compatible with our Wellington, Stirling and Lancaster range
  • Significantly better light reduction than blinds and curtains
  • Creates an additional a layer of insulation for enhanced comfort
  • Ideal for all rooms of the home – especially bedrooms and living rooms
  • Each panel is fitted with a child safe consolidator as standard
  • Lightweight, single honeycomb cell construction
  • Available in a comprehensive range of colours and styles
  • Optional additional hygienic coating to kill 99.9% of germs
  • Silent tilt rod also available as an optional extra

15 room darkening blind colours to choose from

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